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How to Use the Replied Addresses Address Book in Imail


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The Replied Addresses Address Book is a special address book in imail that collects e-mail addresses of those who have attempted to contact you while you were using the vacation rule. (The vacation rule allows you to send an automated response to answer e-mail while you were away.)

These addresses are displayed in the Address Book as Replied Addresses. You can display this address book by selecting Replied Addresses from the Address Book drop-down list in the Composing Message window. You can select recipients and filter addresses in this address book just like you would your Contacts and the IUP Directory (LDAP).

When you return to work, you must disable the vacation message (click Rules then Set your vacation message).

Before enabling the vacation message, you must clear the Replied Addresses list. Click Rules, click Set your vacation message, then click Clear “Replied Addresses” List.

Click Back, then Close to return to the main imail window.

Last modified on 9/29/2011 9:40:10 AM

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