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Frequently Asked Questions about the Administrative Desktop and Network

  • Additional information about the standardization of the ITS Standard Configuration

    What software products does the IT Support Center install on computers that are part of the administrative desktop?

    You can view a list of the standard software products at ITS Standard Desktop. This list is updated as the standard administrative desktop is modified.

    I have a need to install additional software on my administrative network computer. How can I accomplish this?

    If you have a business need to install additional software on your computer, please log a ticket through ihelp.iup.edu and your request will be reviewed. In your ticket, please identify the software product, the version, and the business need for this software.

    I would like to have additional software installed due to personal preference. Does the IT Support Center provide exceptions in these cases?

    The IT Support Center has been directed to generally decline such requests for a variety of reasons. Among these are:

    • Support Center staff members are instructed to rebuild computers following a brief number of troubleshooting steps in order to maximize their timeliness in ensuring problems are resolved in a quality, efficient manner. Computers that contain non-standard software are obviously an impediment to the quick rebuild expectation set by the university.
    • The amount of FTE the IT Support Center can devote to “non-academic” support is decreasing each year as center personnel are increasingly called upon to more directly support the university’s academic mission. By limiting the variety of software packages contained within administrative network computers, it is possible to provide timely, quality support with relatively few staff members.
    • IUP executives have directed the Support Center to use a standard desktop model so that employees have a limited core set of software they use. All administrative desktops look and feel the same, increasing the ability of an employee to be productive if they change jobs or if they are logging in from somewhere other than their personal desktop.
    • Integration between software applications and collaboration among employees both increase when the variety of software packages is limited.

    Does a process exist in which I can get the “standard desktop” expanded to include additional software?

    IT Support Center leadership considers all software requests related to computers that are part of the administrative network. However, there is generally only one supported package for a given function (word processing, Web browsing, spreadsheet, etc.) at any given time.