Virus Support FAQ

  • What is Sophos Endpoint Security and Control?

    Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is the antivirus software licensed by the university. For more general information about Sophos, see the Sophos website.

    How is it licensed?

    Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is available to all current IUP faculty, staff, and students for campus or home usage. Individuals are entitled to nontransferable use of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control as long as they are students at or employed by IUP.

    In addition to the initial package, we also receive periodic updates to the software to account for new viruses. To be effective, the virus software must be updated regularly (please see below for more details).

    How do I get a copy?

    For on-campus use, faculty or staff should contact their technology support representative. For student or personal use, copies may be obtained from the Download Sophos page. It is also available on the Cleanup CD, which can be obtained at the IT Support Center.

    Note 1: Access to the download is restricted; access is only granted to authenticated IUP network users. If you are an IUP user and you are prompted for a username and password, enter your username as IUPMSD\username, and use your network password.

    Note 2: New releases of the Endpoint Security and Control download will be posted to download site as we receive updates from the vendor.

    What do I do if I receive a message about a virus that may be spreading around?

    Hackers send out an alarming number of virus hoaxes across the Internet each day, which are often passed on by well-meaning people.

    If you get such a message, please visit the Computer Virus Myths site or the F-Secure Corporation Hoax site to determine if the message is a hoax.

    You can also visit the IT Support Center News page to get current information regarding confirmed virus threats.

    I received a file from someone else, and I'm not sure if it's virus-free. How can I check it?

    The Windows virus-protection product supported and distributed by the IT Support Center is Endpoint Security and Control. If you are running this, the file will be checked automatically when you try to access the file.