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What To Do if Your Network Account Enters a Locked State

  • Under certain conditions, your network account may enter a temporary locked state. If this occurs, review the list of possible causes below and take the appropriate action. Keep in mind that your network password expires after 180 days. An expired password is a common cause of locked accounts. You can reset your password from our iAccounts page.

    Cause Action
    Too many attempts to login with the incorrect password. This could be caused by the user trying to log in, or by a hacker/virus attempting to use the account in a brute force attack Reset your network password. See How to Reset Your Own Network Password. If you continue to have your account locked out and have eliminated the other causes listed here, please contact the IT Support Center for assistance.
    Mapped drive is using an old or expired password. Disconnect the mapped drive. Reconnect the mapped drive using the password that you have reset.
    Wireless network connection using old password. See our Wireless Setup page to connect to the network using iConnnect.
    Too many attempts to reconnect to the VPN with an old password. Disconnect from the VPN. Reconnect the VPN, entering the password that you have reset.