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Personal Mobile Devices

  • Please note: The IT Support Center offers limited support for personal mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. The instructions below are provided as a resource to students and employees who wish to set up their own devices.

    IUP MDM Services Enrollment Instructions

    IUP uses Mobile Device Management Services to deliver mobile settings to your device. Please review the Device Enrollment Document for Android or the Device Enrollment Document for iOS for instructions on how to enroll your device. Once enrolled, all IUP necessary settings (e-mail, wireless, VPN, and recommended mobile apps) will be delivered to your device.

    The staff at the IT Support Center can assist when there may be an issue with your network and/or e-mail password. Keep in mind that you can reset your own network password and reset your own e-mail password (see How to Reset Your Own E-mail Password).

    To assist with setting up your personal mobile device, the IT Support Center offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) Services. You can enroll your personal mobile device to receive automatic configurations for IUP e-mail, wireless, VPN, and more.

    In addition, if you are having issues with your mobile device, please make sure that you are keeping its operating system (OS) updated. Just as you update the operating system on your PC with Windows Update, or your Apple devices with Software Updater or the App Store, you must also update the operating system on your smartphone or tablet. You can visit the manufacturer's website for further information.

    Please keep in mind that some devices may not meet the requirements of our wireless network. See Wireless Network Requirements for more information.

    Manual Instructions for E-mail/Wireless Setup

    In the event that your device does not support MDM, please refer to the Manual Setup guide. 

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