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Quota Management

  • Quota management is how you manage the available space on your email account in order to stay within your restricted size limit.  This page has a few tips for staying within your quota.

    Emptying Folders

    If your quota is approaching the size limit, first check your inbox for e-mails you no longer need and delete them. Depending on how your settings are configured, after deleting an e-mail you might have to then click Purge Delete to officially delete the item. Next, check the following folders for other unnecessary e-mails:

    1. Trash
    2. Junk Mail
    3. Sent Items
    4. Deleted Items
    5. Deleted Messages

    You can right click on any folder and choose Empty Folder if you wish to delete all e-mails within that folder.

    Attachment Removal

    In the event you find that you have many large message attachments and would like to keep the message but remove the attachment, follow these steps in I-Mail.

    1. Go into the Settings area of I-Mail and select the General Tab. 
    2. Look for the Trash Management section at the bottom of the screen. Make sure the message delete method is set to Move to Trash. Once confirming this setting, save the settings and return to the I-Mail home screen.
    3. Once this setting is enabled, click on any message that has an attachment. When you expand the attachment, you will see a red X with the option to remove the attachment from the e-mail. The original message will remain even after you remove the message.