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How to Find or Change Your E-mail Alias

  • Your e-mail alias can be obtained using MyIUP or by searching for your name using the IUP People Search web page. On the IUP People Search webpage, your e-mail alias will be displayed as your e-mail address.

    An employee can change his e-mail alias by logging into MyIUP and following the steps below. Please keep in mind that employees may only change their e-mail alias one time. After the permitted change, only legal name changes can alter an employee’s e-mail alias. Students who had a legal name change are also permitted to change their e-mail alias.

    If you have had a legal name change and your e-mail alias needs to be changed:

    • Students: Please contact the Registrar’s Office to process the name change. When making the request, also ask them to update your e-mail alias.
    • Employees: Please contact the Office of Human Resources to process the name change. When it has been processed and your new name appears in the online directory, please contact the IT Support Center to update your e-mail alias.

    For any e-mail alias change, you will need to manually update your "from:" address in imail AND any e-mail client software that you use.

     To find your e-mail alias:

    Step 1: Log in to MyIUP

    1. Open a web browser, and go to www.iup.edu/myiup.
    2. Click on Sign into MyIUP.
    3. Enter your username and network password in the appropriate text boxes, then click Login.

    Step 2: Access your personal information

    1. After successfully logging into MyIUP, click Personal Info.
    2. Under the Personal Information portlet, select IUP computer account information for employees if you are an employee.  If you are a student, click on IUP computer account information for students.
    3. You will see your computer account information, including username, initial password, network domain, and e-mail alias. Record this information.
    4. If you wish to change your e-mail alias, go to step 3. Otherwise, click the Exit button to log out of URSA.

    Step 3: Change your E-mail Alias (one allowed change for employees only)

    1. From the screen which displays your computer account information, you will see "If you wish to change your e-mail alias, please Click Here." Select Click Here.
    2. Carefully review the usage and criteria information displayed on the next screen. It is important that you read and understand this information because you will only be permitted to change your alias one time.
    3. Enter the e-mail alias you wish to use in the appropriate text box.
    4. Review the alias you’ve entered to be sure that you have not made any mistakes.
    5. Select Change E-mail Alias. You will see a response message stating The e-mail alias change request was submitted successfully.
    6. The e-mail alias request will be processed within one business day. Until it has been processed, please continue to use your original e-mail alias. You can check to see if your e-mail alias has been processed by searching for your record using the IUP People Search webpage. The request has been processed when the new alias appears in the e-mail address field.