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  • The CGP Calendar is an electronic calendar that is integrated into the existing imail environment.

    The calendar product is part of Communigate Pro (CGP for short) from CommuniGate Systems. CGP Calendar can also be configured via the Thunderbird e-mail client and on supported mobile devices.

    What are the benefits of using CGP Calendar?

    With this implementation, all IUP users (faculty, staff, and students) will have built-in calendar functionality with their e-mail accounts. In addition, the integrated e-mail/calendar combinations are available via browser (imail.iup.edu), via PC/Mac Client (Thunderbird/Thunderhawk), and via supported mobile devices (iOS/android). CGP Calendar allows you to do all the things that an electronic calendar does, such as:

    • Create an Event or Meeting for yourself
    • Invite others to your Event or Meeting (even non-IUP users that use “standards-based” calendar systems, i.e., Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.)
    • Send e-mail reminders prior to the start of the Event or Meeting
    • See the availability of others before creating an Event or Meeting

    How can you access the CGP Calendar?

    The CGP Calendar can be accessed in one of the following ways:

    • By clicking on the Calendar folder in imail: https://imail.iup.edu
    • By opening the Calendar tab in an e-mail client, such as Thunderbird
    • By setting up your IUP account on your mobile device and accessing the Calendar app

    Is there a self-help guide for this new system?