Live Mail Setup for Alumni

  • IUP offers an IUP Live e-mail account to all graduates. In order to take advantage of this free account, you must go through the following set-up steps. The format of your e-mail address will be

    If you are a graduating student, please read and understand the account retention policy prior to requesting a live mail account. Information on account retention can be found here: IUP Account Retention.

    Important Note: After you have connected Live and imail accountsnew messages will automatically sync until your imail account expires. After your IUP computing accounts have expired, there will no longer be an option to retrieve future, current, or saved e-mails from imail—there are no exceptions to this policy.  

    How to Request an IUP Live Mail Account

    1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to MyIUP.
    2. If you are a graduating student or a recent alumni (past three months), login to MyIUP using your network credentials. Please use iaccounts to reset your password if needed.

      If you are an alumni that cannot use the MyIUP Portal, you must first claim your MyIUP former student account. You can claim your account here: Claim your account. After you claim your account, you will be able to login to MyIUP by navigating to
    3. Please follow the appropriate links depending on what you logged into:
      1. On the Home link of MyIUP, scroll down to the Alumni Community portlet, then click on the Alumni Live e-mail link.
      2. On the Former Student Login, click on the "Alumni and Friends Services" tab.
        The remaining steps are the same for all alumni.
    4. Select Request Account.
    5. On the next page, click the Request Account button. You will see a screen that says:

      You have successfully requested a account. The current status of your request is: Account Creation Pending.  It will also display your Windows Live ID and initial password. This is what you will use to log into your account.  You will need to allow approximately 2 hours for the account to be created.

      If you are an Alumni who graduated prior to 2000, you may see the message Account Needs Generated.  If this message appears, your live mail account will take a bit longer to be created.  Due to account processing procedures, you will need to wait 2 days in order to check back for the next step.  
    6. To review the status of your request, you can follow these steps again to get to the Request Account button page listed in step 5.  When the account is created, the status will read: "Account Created".  You can now proceed to the initial login.

    Initial Login

    1. Open an internet browser of your choice and navigate to The Windows Live Sign-In Screen will be displayed.
    2. For Windows Live ID, enter your Windows Live ID from step 5 above.
    3. For Password, enter your initial password.  if you are having issues with this initial password, please contact the IT Support Center at the number on the footer of this page.
    4. Select Sign In.
    5. You will be prompted to change your initial computing password to a password of your choice. The password must be a minimum of six characters and is case sensitive. You will enter the password two times for confirmation.
    6. After changing your password, you will be prompted to set your language and timezone.
    7. Once you have completed these steps, you will be taken to the Outlook WebApp.

    Microsoft Outlook WebApp Settings*

    *This is an optional step for those who have difficulty viewing Web pages.

    1. Place a checkmark in Use the blind and low vision experience if you would like to use high contrast settings.
    2. Choose appropriate language.
    3. Choose appropriate time zone.
    4. Select OK.

    E-Mail Address

    Your new e-mail address will be your  In general, this will be your first initial.middle initial.last

    After you have logged into your IUP Live Mail account, you have the option to connect your IUP e-mail account (if it is still active). Once connected, all e-mails and folders from your IUP e-mail account must be manually synced (see Live Mail FAQ for instructions).  At this point, any new e-mail sent to your IUP account will also appear in your new IUP Live Mail. 


    This account has a quota of 50GB.