E-mail for Retired Employees

  • Retired IUP employees are provided with a special e-mail account, called an auxmail account (access your auxmail account).

    As an IUP employee planning for retirement, you may opt to have an auxmail account. If you desire an account, you need to fill out a request form provided by Human Resources (724-357-2431) and return the completed form to Human Resources. Since IUP employee accounts (including e-mail) are deactivated on the date of separation from the university, it is best to start this process prior to your retirement date.

    Once approved, the IT Support Center will create your new e-mail account under the auxmail.iup.edu service. Support for the account is limited to initial logon and assistance with transferring e-mail messages if you have requested the auxmail account prior to your retirement date. An account for network access will not be provided. Auxmail e-mail accounts are subject to all related IUP policies. Disk space for auxmail accounts is 60 MB (no exceptions).

    Auxmail accounts will be purged if they have not been accessed in 180 days.

    Support for auxmail accounts is provided by the IT Support Center and is limited to password resets.

    E-mail Configuration Information for Auxmail E-mail account

    You can use the following information if you would like to configure an e-mail client or smart device to access your auxmail account:

    Outgoing Mail Server - smtp.auxmail.iup.edu
    Outgoing Mail Server Port - 587 or 465
    Outgoing Security Type - TLS or SSL
    Incoming Mail Server - imap.auxmail.iup.edu
    Incoming Mail Server Port - 143 or 993
    Incoming Security Type - TLS or SSL

    *We have found that some phones require 993 incoming and 465 for outgoing. Also, please make sure you have enabled the option "Authentication Required" on your phone, if not enabled by default.