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IUP WebSO Web Single Sign-On Service

  • WebSO is a single sign-on service used to gain access to IUP secure websites. With WebSO, the user logs in once using the network username and password, and gains access to multiple systems without being prompted to log in to each system. Access to specific sites is determined by the access granted to the IUP username. 

    When a website is protected by WebSO, you will be prompted for your IUP username and network password. After entering this information correctly, the web browser will display the requested website, and it will also provide key information to the web application. In most cases, this will be your username. You will always be warned before information is disclosed to a new website. You will be able to access other WebSO websites during your browser session without re-entering your password. 

    To prevent others from accessing your personal information, you should always log out after using WebSO. The best way to do this is to log out of all personalized sites that you have accessed, and then completely exit your web browser.

    Examples of services that utilize the WebSO single sign on (this is not a complete list):

    Please note that your imail is not part of the single sign-on service.  Your imail account requires a different password separate from the network password.

    For questions related to WebSO, please contact the IT Support Center.