Quota Management

  • Quota management encompasses all mechanisms that are in place for users to maintain their account under the size limit. 

    After logging into imail, you can access these mechanisms by clicking the Settings button on the toolbar. The Trash Management option is located on the General tab. These settings allow you to specify how the delete operations are handled.

    Message Delete Method:

    For the Message Delete Method, you have three options:

    • Mark: This is the default. If you delete a message by clicking on the Delete button, the message is marked for deletion. To remove it, you must click on the Purge button. (If you do not click Purge, the message remains.)
    • Move to Trash: The option will move deleted messages to the Trash folder to facilitate easy recovery.
    • Immediately: This option will permanently remove a message as soon as you click the Delete button.

    Trash Folder:

    If you are using the Move to Trash option, you can also choose one of your existing folders as the folder to house all deleted messages, or you can use the default (Trash folder).

    Keep Message Received Time:

    If the Keep Message Received Time option is turned on (marked Yes in the option menu), messages that are deleted will still show what time they were received in the Inbox. If this option is marked as No, then the time displayed on the message will indicate the time that it was sent to the Trash folder.

    On Logout Remove from Trash if Older than:

    When you logout of imail, the system checks the received date of the messages in the Trash folder and removes all messages older that the specified period of time, depending on the Keep Message Received Time option value. This allows you to keep only recent messages in the Trash folder, or to keep only recently deleted messages in the Trash folder. For this option, there is a wide range of time values for the messages to remain in the Trash folder. The range starts at 0 seconds and spans to as long as 360 days.

    After making the desired changes, click Save and then click Close.