E-mail Server Configuration Info

  • The following is the information you will need to configure IUP’s incoming and outgoing mail server of graphical e-mail based clients like Thunderbird, or when setting up the account on a mobile phone or other mobile device.

    Outgoing Mail Server smtp.iup.edu
    Outgoing Mail Server Port 465 or 587
    Outgoing Security Type TLS or SSL
    Incoming Mail Server imap.iup.edu
    Incoming Mail Server Port 993 or143
    Incoming Security Type TLS or SSL

    You must also modify the authentication settings to use SMTP authentication. To do this in Thunderbird:

    1. From the Menu bar, choose Tools, then Account Settings.
    2. Select Outgoing Server (SMTP).
    3. Select the server and press the Edit... button.
    4. For Connection security, select STARTTLS.  Other options would be TLS or SSL.
    5. For Authentication method, select Encrypted password.
    6. Enter your username (not your e-mail address).
    7. Click OK.

    Thunderbird will ask you for your password the first time you send email and you can optionally save it at that time.