How to Map an IUP Network Drive from Windows 7

  • The steps below describe how to map a drive. You must be logged on to the IUP network, connected to the IUP wireless network, or connected through the IUP Virtual Private Network (if you’re off-campus) to be able to map a drive.

    1. Right-click on My Computer or Computer.
    2. Select Map Network Drive. The Map Network Drive dialog box will appear.
    3. Select an available drive letter from the Drive: drop-down menu. (See recommended drive letters below. )
    4. In the Folder: text box, enter the path to the drive you wish to map. Refer to the table below for path information for standard IUP network drives.
    5. Select Reconnect at logon. This will reconnect the drive mapping each time you logon in the same manner from this machine.
    6. Click Finish.
    7. You will need to enter your IUP username and your network password to connect. You may need to choose "Use another account" to enter your IUP information. Enter your IUP username as IUPMSD\username, substituting your username and paying careful attention to the direction of the slash -- \.
    Path Information for Standard IUP Network Drives
    Name/Letter Path for
    Path for
    Path for
    Administrative Staff
    Home Directory (H) \\\username$ See College Technology Manager \\\user\username
    Project Directory (P) \\\project$ \\\project$  
    Office Directory (O)     \\\office\officeshare
    X Drive (X)   \\\share\global \\\share\global