How to Import Contacts from imail into Your IUP Live Mail Account

  • You can manually import your contacts from imail into your IUP Live Mail account. 

    1. Log in to your imail account at
    2. Right-click on the Contacts folder that appears in the folder list under your e-mail address.
    3. Select Import/Export Contacts.
    4. Click on the CSV link after Export vCard Data:
    5. Select Save File.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Navigate to the location where you wish to save the file (Contacts.csv), then select Save.
    8. Login to your IUP Live Mail account at
    9. In the top right-hand corner, select the Settings icon. It appears as a gear or sprocket.
    10. Select Options…
    11. Under Shortcuts to other things you can do, select Import your contacts from an existing e-mail account.
    12. Select Browse… Under Step Two:
    13. Browse to and select your saved Contacts.csv file.
    14. Select Next.
    15. Wait until you see the Import Contacts screen that tells you how many contacts have been imported.
    16. Select Finish.