When to Use the Imail Login Checkboxes for Fixed Network Address Check and Cookie Check

  • Imail provides the ability upon login to disable Network Address check and to disable Cookie check. These checkboxes are optional and only apply to the current attempted session.

    Imail’s default security will not permit sessions that do not have a fixed network (IP) address. This is enabled by default to improve session security by eliminating the possibility of session hijacking. Since AOL, WebTV, and CompuServe do not use fixed network address, imail will not work with these Internet service providers by default. If you select “Disable Network Address Check,” you will be able to log in if your Internet service provider (ISP) is AOL, WebTV, or CompuServe. To make this change permanent, it is recommended that you change the Required Fixed Network Address option on the Settings page in imail before you logon again from one of these providers. The setting is on the General tab.

    The Disable Cookie check allows you to gain access to imail without your browser going through the cookie check. Some browsers will not allow you to access a site that requires a cookie check. There is also a “Use Cookies” option on the Settings page (General tab) in imail that can be changed permanently.

    If you do not change the settings within imail, you will need to check these boxes the next time you logon from a system that does not require a fixed network or one that does not require the use of cookies.

    1. Go to the login page and check the box(es) the right that pertain(s) to your problem(s).
    2. Log in to imail using your IUP username and current e-mail password.