How to Use the Vacation Rule in Imail

  • The Vacation Rule allows you to compose a message that will be automatically sent to whomever sends e-mail to your account when you are away from the office for an extended period of time.

    The vacation message will be sent to an e-mail address only once. It stores the addresses of those who have already received the notification in the Replied Addresses list.

    1. Login to imail, then click Rules.
    2. Click Set your vacation message.
    3. Click Clear “Replied Addresses” List. This list is checked before sending the automatic reply, so it’s important to clear it before you enable your vacation message.
    4. Enter the text of your automatic reply in the Message text box.
    5. If you know the exact date when you will return to the office, you can select Enabled until and then enter your return date. The automated reply will be sent until that date.

      If you are unsure of your return date, or if you wish to disable the reply manually when you return to the office, select Enabled.

    6. Click Save to save your changes.


    If you are using the Enabled option without a date, when you return to work, you will follow steps 1 and 2 above, then select Disabled, then Save.