How to Send Compose a Message in Imail

    1. Login to imail at
    2. Click the New Message link. A Composing Message window will open.
    3. Use your mouse or the tab key to navigate to the fields in the compose window:
      • To, Cc, and Bcc are all recipient fields. Bcc allows you to send a blind copy to those recipients. The Bcc e-mail addresses will be hidden from those in the To and Cc fields and also from the others receiving the blind copy. Click Cc: or Bcc: if you wish to add recipients to those fields.
      • Enter the subject.
      • In the text only box, type your message. If you need to use special formatting for your message, click the Advanced Formatting tab.
    4. If you would like to send attachments with the message, click the Attach a file link, then click the Browse button to navigate to the drive and folder where the attachment is stored. Select the file, then click Open. (See important note below about attachments.)
    5. When the message is complete, send it by clicking the Send button on the toolbar in the Composing Message window.

    Other options:

    • If you decide not to send the message, but you’d like to save a copy of it to finish later, click on the Save in Drafts button on the toolbar. This will save it in the Drafts folder, where you can open it later to complete the message and send it.
    • Before clicking Send, you can use the imail spellchecker by clicking the Check Spelling button on the toolbar.
    • Use the Address Book button to find e-mail addresses within your personal address book, called Contacts; your imail Address Book; or the IUP Directory (LDAP). When you locate the desired address, double-click on it to add it to the To field.
    • By default, a copy of messages you send will be saved in the Sent Items folder.

    Some important notes about composing messages:

    • For security purposes, imail has a thirty-minute timeout limit. If you experience a timeout while composing a message, you will be prompted that you have been disconnected, and you’ll be given an opportunity to resume the session. Simply enter your username and password, then select the “Resume” button that appears in the browser window after the timeout. You will be connected to to their previous session with the message intact. You can then complete and send the message.