How to Search the IUP Directory LDAP from Imail

  • Imail allows you to use the IUP Directory to search for a person’s e-mail address.

    The IUP Directory is a listing of IUP faculty, staff, and students. Please note that students have the option to restrict their information from appearing in the IUP Directory.

    1. Log into imail.
    2. Click New Message.
    3. In the Composing Message window, select (IUP Directory (LDAP)) from the Address Book menu.

    4. In the filter addresses box, enter the last name of the person for whom you are searching. The list that appears will be reduced based on the name you enter, as shown below.

    5. Scroll through the list. When you locate the desired name, double-click on the name. This will add the name to the To field.