How to Create a Group in the Imail Address Book

  • The Contacts folder allows you to create, store, and manage contacts and contact groups. A group is a list of e-mail addresses to which you might frequently wish to send the same message at the same time.

    To create a group:

    1. Login to imail and select the Contacts folder.

    2. Click New Group.

    3. The New Group dialog box is displayed. Enter the Group name.
    4. To add new members, you can use the Address Book list, then choose the IUP Directory (LDAP) or your Contacts. You can also enter them manually in the New member(s): text box. This image below illustrates adding a member using the filter option with the IUP Directory.


      Select the desired name from the filtered list, then click Add To Group. You can also double-click on the desired name to add it.
    5. You can add a description of the group in the Note field.
    6. Click Save when you are finished adding members to save the group.