E-mail Alias for Students

  • Your e-mail account is defined by your IUP computing username. Your username (abcd) is also your e-mail address (abcd@iup.edu).

    An alias can be defined as an alternative name (e.g., an alternative to your username). IUP has defined an e-mail alias for all students. These can be used as an alternate e-mail name for your IUP e-mail. In general, IUP e-mail aliases for students look like J.R.Doe@iup.edu.

    Specifically, IUP student e-mail aliases will have the following characteristics:

    • Student e-mail aliases will be assigned using the format F.M.Last####, (where F = First Initial, M = Middle Initial, Last = complete last name, and ### = sequential number beginning with null, 2,3,4, etc.). For example, the first John R. Doe will have the alias set as J.R.Doe; the second John R. Doe will have the alias set as J.R.Doe2.
    • If a student has no middle initial, the alias will take the form FirstInitial.Lastname### (e.g., J.Doe). Numbers will be used as stated above.
    • Your e-mail alias (A.B.Smith2@iup.edu) can be used instead of your username ( abcd@iup.edu) when others send you e-mail.
    • Students will not be permitted to change their e-mail alias.

    To access your e-mail account to read e-mail, you can use your IUP computing username (abcd) or your e-mail alias (j.r.doe) when logging into imail. Students using an e-mail client (e.g., Outlook or Thunderbird) can modify the "From Address" to reflect their e-mail alias. Be careful to use the correct e-mail alias.

    In addition to the above characteristics, e-mail aliases will be displayed in the “e-mail address” section of the IUP Directory. E-mail aliases will be retained based on the computer account retention policy for students.