Before You Opt In to the Anti-Spam Service

  • Before you opt in to use the anti-spam service, you must choose one of these options:

    • Choose to do nothing, and potential spam e-mail will only be flagged in the Inbox (this is the default setting). This will simply mark messages with a red flag under the status column in imail. In an e-mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook, you may need to display an additional column to see which messages are flagged as spam. The benefit of this approach is that you will be able to see the messages in the Inbox that would be flagged as spam. As you gain comfort with the way in which it works, you may wish to move to the other option.

    • Deliver potential spam to a folder called JunkMail (no spaces, uppercase J and M). If you wish to use this method, you must create the JunkMail folder. Once created, it is your responsibility to check the JunkMail folder often for false positives and to delete unwanted messages. The benefit of this approach is that spam messages are separated from the inbox; however, if you do not consistently check the JunkMail folder, it could lead to delayed responses on legitimate messages flagged as spam.

    In either case, the flagged messages or the messages delivered to the JunkMail folder still count toward your overall e-mail quota. Therefore, spam messages must be deleted on a regular basis.