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Merging Session Files

  • Merging Session Files allows you to run a report that includes the data from many session files of a particular presentation.

    1. Click Tools on the TurningPoint ribbon.
    2. From the dropdown menu, mouse over Session Management.
    3. Click on Merge Session Files.
    4. From the Merge Session Files window, choose a session file to be merged. This could include the Current Session (in red text), a session from the My Session Files folder (as indicated by the red arrow), the My Backup Session Files folder (as indicated by the green arrow), or a session file imported from another location.
    5. To import a session file, select the folder icon in the upper left corner (as indicated by the blue arrow). This will allow you to locate your session file from an external location.
    6. Select additional files to be merged in the list by holding the Shift key down to select multiple contiguous files, or by holding the Control key down to select multiple files. Repeat until you have selected all of the session files that you would like to merge.
    7. You can check the box to include the PowerPoint presentation in the merged session file, but this may greatly increase the size of the new file.

    8. Click the Merge button below the list of files.
    9. A window will open for you to specify a location and filename for the merged session file.
    10. The file will be conveniently named with Merge, the date, and the time (e.g. Merge 9-22-2010 1-11 PM.tpz). You can change the name if you wish; just be sure to keep the .tpz file extension.
    11. Click Save. You can then access TurningPoint Reports by selecting Open Reports located next to the Finish button, or click the Finish buttong to exit the Merge Session Files window.