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Import a Participant List into TurningPoint Software

  • After you create the pre-populated participant list, you will need to import the list into the TurningPoint software. The instructions on importing the list are outlined below.

    1. Double-click the TurningPoint icon on the desktop.
    2. Select TurningPoint from the ribbon in PowerPoint, as shown by the red arrow.
    3. Select the Participants drop-down menu, and then select "Import a Participant List," as shown by the red arrow.
    4. Locate the desired participant list from the storage location. This could be on your local computer or your H drive or P drive. Select the Open button.
    5. You will be returned to the TurningPoint program. Next, you will need to select the name of the participant list you just imported from the "Participant List" drop-down menu at the top of the TurningPoint task pane to the right.

    Once you see the correct list name, you are ready to run your presentation using the selected list.