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Creating a Priority Ranking Slide

  • A Priority Ranking slide allows participants to respond multiple times to a question. It weighs participants' choices and then ranks them accordingly. Priority Ranking slides allow participants to respond to a question or poll more than once, which will determine what is most important to the participant. 

    The participant will enter their first choice as their first response, their second choice second, etc. Specify the number of responses (maximum of 10) allowed per participant. The responses are then weighted with points assigned to each response. By default the first choice is worth ten points, the second choice is worth nine, etc. The response weights can be changed through the TurningPoint settings. The Priority Ranking slide displays the weighted scores assigned to the answers based on participant responses.

    Inserting a Priority Ranking Slide

    1. Click the Insert Slide button on the TurningPoint ribbon.
    2. From the drop-down menu, select Priority Ranking.
    3. Enter the number of responses you wish to allow per participant. 
      Note:  The default number of responses is set at 3. The maximum number of responses is 10.
    4. Click the OK button. A new slide will open prompting you to enter question and answer text.
    5. Enter the desired question and responses by clicking on and replacing the provided text.
    6. The slide is now prepared to poll participants. Ask them to respond the selected number of times. Their responses are weighted and ranked: first responses are weighted more than second, second more than third, etc.

    Changing the Settings for Priority Ranking Slides

    1. Click on Tools from the TurningPoint ribbon.
    2. From the drop-down menu, click on Settings
    3. From the hierarchy on the left side of the TurningPoint Settings window, click on the question text of the Priority Ranking slide.
    4. Settings for this slide will appear on the right side of the window.  Under the section titled Priority Ranking, values may be adjusted regarding the response weights.
      Note: Response1 refers to the participants' first choice, Response2 to the second choice, etc.
    5. When you have finished changing the settings, click the Done button.

    Example Priority Ranking Slide

    Create a slide with five possible answers. Allow three responses (choices) per participant where first the choice is worth ten points, the second nine, and the third eight. Six participants provide responses. The first three participants select 5, 4, 3 as answers in that order. The second three participants select 1, 2, 3 as answers in that order. TurningPoint calculates the results as depicted in the table below.


    Answer Number Participant Responses Answer Point Value Total Points Reviewed by Answer
    1 3 as first choice 3 responses at 10 points each 30
    2 3 as second choice 3 responses at 9 points each 27
    3 6 as third choice 6 responses at 8 points each 48
    4 3 as second choice 3 responses at 9 points each 27
    5 3 as first choice 3 responses at 10 points each 30

    This table shows that despite participants selecting answer 1 and 5 as their first choice 3 times each, all six participants selected answer 3. This gives answer 3 a higher priority for the group as a whole.