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Creating a Numeric Response Slide

  • The Numeric Response Slide contains a question region to pose a question.  It does not contain an answer region or a chart, since the responses are entered in manually through the response device.

    One use for the Numeric Response slide would be to pose a mathematical question to your participants.  Instead of a multiple choice question where the participants would be able to guess the correct answer, they would have to use their response device to enter in a value they have determined on their own.

    Inserting a Numeric Response Slide

    1. From the TurningPoint ribbon, click the Insert Slide button.
    2. From the drop-down menu, click Numeric Response Slide.
    3. A box will appear prompting you to enter an acceptable value for the question.  This number is considered the correct response for the question.  Enter the number into the provided box, and click the OK button.
      You also have the option to set a range of acceptable values.  If you would like to set a range, click the checkbox next to Select Range and enter a minimum and maximum value.  Then click the OK button. 
      Note:  You may choose to enter both an acceptable value and range.
    4. From the interactive slide inserted into your presentation, click on Enter question text...  The text will highlight, and you can replace the text with your question.
    5. The interactive slide is now ready to accept numeric responses.  Once data is collected and polling has been closed, the slide will display the top four answers, as well as the number of other answers submitted.  It will also display the number of responses that matched the acceptable value and/or within the designated range.  Additionally, it will display the acceptable value and/or acceptable range.  The following slide displays an example of how a default Numeric Response Slide will appear after collecting data:

    Numeric Response Slide Settings

    1. Click on Tools from the TurningPoint ribbon. 
    2. From the drop-down menu, click on Settings.
    3. From the hierarchy on the left side of the TurningPoint Settings window, click on the question text of the numeric response slide.
    4. Settings for this slide will appear on the right side of the window.  Under the section titled Numeric Response Settings, any of the settings mentioned above may be changed.
    5. When you have finished changing the settings, click the Done button.