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Creating a Likert Scale Slide

  • A Likert Scale slide is used for a statement with a response of varying levels of agreement or disagreement.  There are 4-, 5-, and 7-level Likert Scale slides. The slide includes a generically worded question and answers. The question text can be edited.

    To insert a Likert Scale slide, use the following directions:

    1. From the TurningPoint ribbon, click on the Insert Slide button.
    2. From the drop-down menu, mouse over Likert Slides.
    3. Then select the type of Likert Scale slide that you would like to insert-either 4 Scale, 5 Scale, or 7 Scale.
    4. The default question posed on this slide is What is your opinion? This can be changed by clicking on the text and replacing it with a new question.  The scale is automatically generated on the slide. The following is an example of a default 5 Scale Likert slide: