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Creating a Comparative Links Slide

  • The Comparative Links slide can be used to display the results of two separate slides on one slide. A good example includes asking the same question at the beginning and end of a presentation, and then using the comparative links slide to compare the results.

    1. You need to create an interactive presentation that contains the slide that you would like to compare. Note: You will want both of these slides to have the same number of answers.
    2. Select Insert Slide from the TurningPoint ribbon and select Comparative Links near the bottom of the dropdown menu. Note: You need to insert the Comparative Links slide after you insert the two slides that you are comparing.
    3. The Comparative Links window will open.

    4. Select one of the slides that you would like to compare from the first dropdown menu.

    5. Repeat this process to select a slide to compare with the first slide from the Second Slide dropdown menu.
    6. Click OK.
    7. The Comparative Links Slide is now inserted into the presentation. Note: The slide will appear to have collected data even after you reset the session. Once you run the presentation and collect data, the chart will reflect the combination of results from the first and second slides accurately, as shown in the example below.