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How to Submit a Standard Exam for Test Scoring

  • A standard exam is an exam where:

    • Each question is worth one point.
    • There are no bonus questions.
    • There is only one version of the exam.
    • There is no penalty for guessing (formula scoring is not used).
    • There are no multiple responses.

    Administering the Exam

    1. No special steps are needed to administer the exam.

    Preparing the Exam for Scoring

    1. Complete one test header sheet.
    2. Complete one answer key.
    3. Complete the IUP Test Scoring Request Form/Envelope. Select the first check box to indicate that this is a standard exam.
    4. Place the forms in the envelope in this order:
      • Test Header
      • Answer Key
      • Students’ General Purpose Answer Sheets
    5. Seal the envelope and deliver to the IT Support Center.