Hand-in Folder Permissions - Project Directory Service

  • The faculty member for the course has full control on the hand-in folder. Full control allows for changing permission, writing, deleting, and reading within a folder. Using these privileges you can change various permissions on the folder. For example, you may wish to reset the permission on the hand-in folder so students can view the list of files within the folder. The following instructions demonstrate how to change the permission on the hand-in folder to list the files.

    1. Select the hand-in folder in the course/section whose permission you would like to change.
    2. Click once on the hand-in folder to highlight it. Right click and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu.

      PDS file permission 1
    3. The hand-in properties window will open. Select the "Security" tab.

      PDS file permission 2
    4. On the Security tab of the hand-in properties window, select the "Advanced" button in the lower right-hand corner.

      PDS file permission 3
    5. Next, select the name of the course you are working with. Our example shows the selected course group as CRS ACCT201-001 SM. Once the course/section is highlighted, select "Edit."

      PDS file permission 4
    6. The "Permission Entry" window shows the current permissions set on the folder. The available permissions are listed in the permissions column. Checkmarks placed in the "Allow" and "Deny" columns show which permissions are currently set.

      PDS file permission 5
    7. To add new permissions click the "Allow" box next to the desired permission. In our example we added the “List Folder/Read Data” permission. To remove permissions, uncheck the "Allow" box next to the desired permission.
    8. After you have added or deleted permissions, select "OK." Note: Once this permission is set, the file owner can view, edit, and delete their file.
    9. You will be returned to the Advanced Security Setting dialog box. To exit simply select "OK" and you will be taken back to the directory listing for the hand-in folder.

      PDS file permission 6