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FTP Access - Project Directory Service

  • The Project Directory Service also supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access. FTP access allows you to transfer files between your computer and the Project Directory Service.

    Although there are many free FTP utilities available for different operating systems, the steps listed below explain how to establish FTP access on a Windows computer using Internet Explorer.

    1. Open Internet Explorer and go to ftp://ftp.project.iup.edu/.
    2. When the login window appears, enter IUPMSD\ followed by your username, then enter your password.

      PDS FTP login
    3. Click “Log On.”
    4. After logging in, you will see a folder labeled courses. Continue to click through the folder structure to find your course and section.PDS FTP folder listing
    5. You should now be able to transfer files between your course folders and your local computer.