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Folder Structure of the Project Directory

  • The basic structure for the Project Directory Service (P: drive) is represented below. A brief description of each folder follows this depiction.

    Project Directory Folder Structure

    For each course/section taught, the above file structure is created. Any user with an active network account can access the course/section area. Here is a brief explanation of the folders under each section and how the access is restricted for each folder.

    Dropped folder
    This folder contains the folders for students that have dropped the course. Anything a student who dropped the course saved while taking the course will be in their folder.
    The Instructor(s) has FULL CONTROL access to this folder and the folders beneath it.
    Hand-in folder
    This folder allows students to turn in assignments electronically. Note: Students cannot open this folder. They simply drag the assignment to this folder. When they release their mouse, the file will be added to this folder and the assignment is “turned in.”
    The Instructor(s) has FULL access to this folder. Students have ADD access. ADD access allows students to write files into the folder, but they cannot view or change ANY of the files in this folder, even their own.
    Information folder
    This folder should be used to provide students with information on the class or additional electronic reference material for the course; e.g., course syllabus.
    The Instructor(s) has FULL access, students have READ access. READ access allows students to open and view files.
    Instructor-only folder
    This folder is used for the instructor to store materials that are related to the course, but should not be accessed by the class. This folder will also have a class list file that is updated nightly based on registration, adds, and drops. The format of this comma delimited file is student’s last name, first name, middle name, e-mail address, e-mail alias, and User ID.
    The Instructor(s) has FULL access.
    Shared Files folder
    This folder is a working area that the entire class can access. Additional subfolders can be created to accommodate special projects or assignments.
    The Instructor(s) and students have FULL access.
    Students folder
    Each student has an individual subfolder within this folder that is identified by their e-mail alias. Students can only access their own student folder. The instructor(s) can access all student folders in the area. This will allow them to work on course-related projects and assignments.
    The Instructor(s) has FULL access, students have FULL access to their individual folder only.
    World view folder
    This folder may be accessed by any individual with an IUPMSD network account.
    The Instructor(s) has FULL CONTROL access, everyone has READ access.