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An Overview of the Project Directory Service

  • The Project Directory Service (PDS) provides “project” disk space for each individual course-section being offered in the current academic semester.


    Space is created automatically for every course in Banner. This space includes folders for the course instructor as well as every student in the course. The information for this space is updated nightly from Banner, so any changes in course enrollment are automatically generated. Folders for students who drop a course are moved into a special withdrawn area of the PDS space. Any files placed in these folders which require streaming are also automatically streamed via IUP’s streaming server.

    Access and Security

    To access the PDS, faculty and students must log in with their IUP network username and password. PDS security is managed via NTFS permissions.

    Project Directory Service Size

    The initial course-section quota is set to 2 MB. Instructors can easily increase this quota to 250 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB by using the PDS Quota Utility.

    Quota needs beyond 2 GB may be requested through creating a ticket in ihelp.

    Data Archiving

    • Data is archived for a total of three semesters (current and two previous semesters)
    • Students will have access to their files on the P: Drive until two weeks into the next semester (e.g., a student using the P: drive in the fall will have access to those files until two weeks into the spring semester)
    • PDS receives periodic-full and nightly-incremental backups
    • PDS provides a file restoration process permitting restoration within a four-week window.