Navigating Inside a Desire2Learn Course for Students

  • The primary navigation tool for a course is the navbar, which is always located at the top of the screen and displays links to the tools available in your course. Within each tool there are tool menus to navigate to different sections and pages, and tabs to switch sections within a page.



    1. Navbar: The primary navigation tool for a Desire2Learn (D2L) course that allows the user to switch between tools.
    2. Left Tool Menu: Allows the user to switch between areas within a tool (only used for larger tools, such as the Discussion tool used in the example above).
    3. Top Tool Menu: Allows the user to switch between pages within a tool area.




    The following images represent tools in the default navbar of D2L courses. Your instructor may customize their navbar to include more or less tool options.


    Course Navbar Tool Function

    Course Home

    This is the first page you will visit when you are entering a course. It contains your personal tools and different widgets for displaying information, including course specific content. It also returns you to the Course Home page once you have navigated away from it.
    The Content tool is where all the content for your course will be located. It is broken down into Modules and Topics.
    Here you can view your instructor's Checklist, which highlights aspects of the course.
    This is the Discussion Board or Forum. Users in discussions interact with one another by posting messages to discussion topics, reading, and replying to messages posted by others. Users can also use this area to share files with others.
    The Dropbox tool replaces the need for users to mail, fax, email, or physically deliver assignments. Users simply submit, or upload, electronic versions of their assignments to the appropriate Dropbox folder within their course.
    The Quizzes tool allows you to take quizzes that your instructor assigns to your class.
    The Classlist tool is a central area for viewing all the people in your class. Here you can email and get other information about a classmate.
    Here students can view their grades for a specific course


    D2L often presents information in the form of interactive lists, such as the Classlist, where you can search and sort. When a list is long, items are split across multiple pages so that the list loads quickly; you can jump to any page and change how many items appear on each page.

    Note: If you select items in a list and then move to another page within the list, the items are no longer selected even though they are part of the same list.



    Original document property of Desire2Learn.  Modified by IUP to reflect IUP's D2L environment.