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E-mail Your Instructor with Course-Related Questions

  • If you have questions regarding course-related content, such as assignments, deadlines, or quizzes, you can contact your instructor.

    Remember to check with your instructor to make sure they will be using the e-mail within Desire2Learn.

    To contact your instructor, use the Classlist tool to e-mail them via Desire2Learn (D2L):

    Emailing Your Instructor

    To e-mail your instructor:

    1. Click the Classlist link in the navbar in your course.
    2. Click the checkbook to the left of the instructor's name.
    3. Click on either of the e-mail icons. These icon looks like a postcard or envelope and are found at the top and bottom of the list area.
    4. The next screen to be displayed is the e-mail compose screen. Once you have composed your message, click on the Send button at the bottom left of the screen.