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Accounts and Passwords

  • Here is a list and short description of accounts at IUP:

    • MyIUP/Network — provides access to campus network, VPN, drive mappings, campus computers, MyIUP, D2L, and Moodle
    • E-mail —provides access to only imail
    • PASSHE/ESS — used by employees and student employees to access payroll information
    • Banner Web Client — used by the university to manage and administrate student information, finances, human resources, etc.
    • Alumni/Former Student — allows previous students to access things like transcripts (please see the policy below for definitions of what a former student is)

    Visit the links below to learn more about accounts and passwords at IUP.

  • Computer Account Retention Policy
    Find out how long your accounts will remain active after you leave the university.
    Online Directory Services
    The online directory provides directory related information for current IUP faculty, staff, and students.
    IUP WebSO Web Single Sign-On Service
    The IUP WebSO is a web based single sign-on authorization service that is used by various web resources at IUP.
    Computing Accounts FAQ
    Find out how long your account will remain active, and read answers to other commonly asked questions about IUP computing accounts.
    Password Practices
    Because passwords serve as the front line of protection for computing accounts, passwords are an important aspect of computer security. Learn about password practices at IUP.