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Computing Accounts FAQ

  • How long will my computing accounts remain active?

    • Graduating students: Accounts will remain active for 60 days after graduation.
    • Students who do not re-enroll: Accounts will remain active for approximately one year for undergraduate students, and approximately six months for graduate students.
    • Faculty, non-faculty, and non-student-employee (staff) accounts are inactivated the same day as the separation date or last work date (whichever is more recent).

    When my computing account is inactivated, what happens to the associated data?

    The data will remain in the account for a period of time until the account is due to be purged. See When will the IT Support Center purge my account in this FAQ (below) for further details.

    When will the IT Support Center purge my account?

    For students, the purge process is completed 180 days after graduation. For employees, both faculty and non-faculty, the accounts are purged 180 days from the inactivation date.

    Is there an e-mail service for students after graduation?

    Yes, IUP currently offers graduates live.iup.edu accounts provided by Microsoft for alumni. Please visit our IUP Live Mail account page for details.

    Even though my computing account and MyIUP access goes away after graduation, is there still a way to access some of the MyIUP functionality?

    As an alumna/alumnus, you will always have access to the Former Student login found at MyIUP. Upon visiting this page, scroll down and click on the Former Student Login. You will need your Banner/User ID and URSA pin. The Banner/User ID is the eight-digit number that begins with the commercial at symbol ("@"). By using the Former Student Login, you will be able to request a Live Mail account, request unofficial transcripts, etc.

    If you are not an alumna/alumnus, but are no longer attending IUP, you can still log into the Former Student Login.

    If you do not recall this login informatiion, you can contact the IT Support Center.