• Immigration and Visa graphic

    Please use the information below as a guide for immigration. See the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or U.S. Department of State websites for official information and changes. These offices oversee all immigration updates and enforcement. We will do our best to inform enrolled IUP students of changes. We handle information only for F and J visa holders.

    Suggestion: Copy all the documents in case they are lost or stolen or if you need information from them. Do not carry original documents daily unless absolutely necessary.  

  • Maintaining Your F-1 Status
    Tips to help students with F-1 visas avoid immigration problems
    Maintaining Your J-1 Status
    If your DS-2019 was issued by IUP, this information applies to you.
    How to Get a Visa
    Information about paying the SEVIS fee, making and preparing for a visa appointment, visa approval and denial, and what to expect when you enter the U.S.
    IUP Policies
    IUP policies affect your immigration status.
    Withdrawal, Suspension, or Absence from IUP
    IUP policies about academics will affect immigration.
    How to Change Visa Status
    There are many different situations and rules that apply to changing your visa status.
    Lost Documents
    What to do when you lose documents such as a passport, I-94, I-20, or DS-2019
    Transfer to Another University
    Process, checklist for international students to transfer to another university
    Related Sites
    Other resources about U.S. immigration.