Leading a Program Abroad

  • What You Need to Submit to International Education

    The following information must be submitted to the Office of International Education at least two weeks before departure on any IUP faculty-led study abroad program:

    1. Complete itinerary with overseas contact information
    2. List of all participants (faculty, staff, and students) including names, Banner identification numbers, contact information in the U.S., etc.
    3. Original notarized acknowledgement of Risk and Release and Statement of Commitment forms for each student
    4. Purchase the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for each student. It is mandatory for each student (undergraduate/graduate). The card currently costs $22 and is available at the Office of International Education. Processing time is three to six business days. The card provides travel discounts, cultural discounts, and basic insurance coverage (medical emergency, evacuation, and repatriation). Although not mandatory for faculty and staff, a corresponding card, ITIC, is available for faculty and staff at the Office of International Education for $22.

    Why the Centralization?

    This is the rationale for the centralization of this information at the Office of International Education:

    1. To provide accurate data to both PASSHE and the Institute for International Education (IIE) in their annual requests for information related to overseas experiences
    2. To provide timely and effective responses to campus officials, parents, and/or media in the event of an emergency (natural, terroristic, criminal, and/or medical)
    3. To protect the institution and individual program coordinators from liability issues
    4. To strategize and optimize the faculty-led education abroad options at any given time. Possibilities include rotation of programs, combination of efforts across disciplines, etc.
    5. To help promote the IUP overseas programs on campus and at all PASSHE institutions

    Faculty-Led Forms

    Distribute an application to each participating student (which can also be found in Study Abroad Application and Scholarship Forms).

    1. Collect all paperwork* from each student, including ISIC applications.
    2. Submit paperwork to Office of International Education (Delaney Hall, Room B25), including itinerary and overseas contact information.
    3. ISIC and ITIC cards will be processed and returned to faculty member. Please allow at least five business days.

    *Two of the forms need to be notarized.

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