Past Film Series

  • Here is a sample of the films the Office of International Education has shown over the past few years:

    Spring 2012

    Youssou N’Dour: I Bring What I Love
    The Paranoids
    Last Train Home
    Mid-August Lunch
    Terribly Happy

    Spring 2011

    Afghan Star (Afghanistan)
    Town Called Panic (Belgium)
    Tulpan (Kazakhstan)
    Treeless Mountain (South Korean)
    The Maid (Chile)
    Unmistaken Child (China)

    Spring 2010

    Fados (Portugal)
    Short Cut To Nirvana (India)
    Sophie Scholl (Germany)
    The World (China)
    Satin Rouge (Tunisia/France)
    Lumumba (France/Belgium/Haiti/Germany)

    Spring 2009

    Persepolis (France/Iran)
    After the Wedding (Denmark)
    Curse of the Golden Flower (China)
    Jindabyne (Australia)
    Paprika (Japan)
    The Sky Turns (Spain)

    Spring 2008

    Three Times (Taiwan)
    Edukators (Germany)
    Bamako (Mali)
    The Forsaken Land (Sri Lanka)
    Family Law (Spain)
    The World According to Shorts (Germany, Norway and Australia)

    Spring 2007

    The Memory of a Killer (Belgium)
    Kung Fu Hustle (China)
    Delwende (Burkino Faso)
    Bad Education (Spain)
    Grimson Gold (Iran)
    Games of Love (Frence)

    Spring 2006

    Red Lights (France)
    Moolaadé (Senegal)
    House of Flying Daggers (China)
    Turtles Can Fly (Iran/Iraq)
    Up and Down (Czech Republic)
    Maria Full of Grace (Colombia)

    Spring 2005

    Nói (Iceland)
    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...And Spring (Korea)
    Waiting for Happiness (Mauritania)
    Goodbye, Lenin (Germany)
    Distant (Turkey)
    Lost Embrace (Argentina)

    Spring 2004

    Whale Rider (New Zealand)
    The Man Without A Past (Finland)
    Faat - Kine (Senegal)
    The Last Kiss (Italy)
    The Devil's Backbone (Mexico/Spain)
    Windhorse (Tibet)

    Spring 2003

    Fast Runner (Canada)
    Kandahar (Iran)
    Pauline and Paulette (Belgium)
    Nine Queens (Argentina)
    Happy Times (China)
    My Wife is an Actress (France)

    Spring 2002

    Ratcatcher (United Kingdom)
    Chunhyang (Korea)
    Solas (Spain)
    The Princess and the Warrior (Germany)
    West Beirut (Lebanon)
    ABC Africa (Iran/Uganda)

    Spring 2001

    Run Lola Run (Germany)
    Shower (China)
    The Color of Paradise (Iran)
    All About My Mother (Spain)
    A Friend of the Deceased (Russia)