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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The IUP Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is charged with ensuring compliance with federal regulations concerning the use and welfare of animals in teaching and research. The IACUC also strives to ensure that all uses of animals under the auspices of IUP are held to highest ethical standard.

The IUP IACUC operates from the Dean’s Office of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The IACUC exists to serve the entire IUP community by providing oversight of animal uses in teaching and research. The IACUC meets on a regular basis to review animal use protocols submitted by members of the IUP community, to ensure that the uses proposed are both humane and necessary.

IUP personnel wishing to utilize vertebrate animals in their teaching, research, or other endeavors must first receive approval from the IACUC. Approval is normally offered for a 12-month period; project renewal can be requested following initial approval.

All IACUC protocol forms (for protocol approval, renewal, or modification) are to be submitted in hardcopy form to the

IUP Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Office of the Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
305 Weyandt Hall

Questions regarding IUP’s IACUC or its functions should be e-mailed to

Answers to frequently asked questions related to investigator responsibilities in obtaining IACUC approval for animal uses at IUP
Links to the most-commonly used IACUC forms
Model IACUC protocols
Model IACUC protocols provided by experienced investigators, as examples to those unfamiliar with IACUC protocol forms
IACUC Memos to Investigators
The IUP Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee occasionally issues “Memos to Investigators” as a means of keeping our IACUC-approved investigators up-to-date on IACUC developments and related news.
IACUC External Resources
Links to external animal care and use policies from federal agencies and professional societies
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