Vending Machine Agreement

  • This agreement has been reached between AFSCME, Local 763 and Management at IUP regarding vending machine proceeds.  The management of IUP agrees to pay AFSCME, Local 763 one hundred dollars ($100) a week, beginning July 1, 2011 and continuing through June 30, 2015.

    The vending machine proceeds will be paid at six (6) month intervals.

    This agreement may be renegotiated prior to the time of its expiration upon 30 days notice by either party.


    ___________________________________________ ________________
    Cornelius Wooten                                                       Date
    Vice President for Administration and Finance, IUP


    ___________________________________________ ________________
    Helen Kennedy                                                          Date
    Associate Vice President for Human Resources, IUP


    ___________________________________________ ________________
    Cynthia Spielman                                                        Date
    President, AFSCME Local 763