A-1 Bargaining Unit Agreement: Main Campus

  • PROPOSED: October 10, 2003
    REVISED: June 21, 2004, September 20, 2004, August 7, 2007, August 8, 2011

    This agreement reached between AFSCME, Local 763 and Management at IUP shall be honored for classifications represented by the A-1 bargaining unit Clerical, Administrative and Fiscal Unit Non-Supervisory.

    Master Agreement seniority shall be as defined in the Master Agreement and is determined by the "length of unbroken service with the Employer in rank and file classifications."  (Article 29, Section 1.b).

    The following policy proposal is recommended to the AFSCME, Local 763 membership and to IUP management:

    1. As Clerk Stenographer positions become vacant, they will be reclassified to Clerk Typist positions at the equal level.  Clerk Stenographers will have the right to submit lateral transfer requests and promotional bids for Clerk Typist positions at the equal level.  Transfer and bidding processes will take place according to the CBA and this side agreement.
    2. Postings for positions represented by the A-1 Bargaining Unit will include sufficient information to clearly identify the available vacant position. Positions represented by the A-1 Bargaining Unit will be posted to include the vacant position number (bureau code, class code, and serial number), classification, department, and building.
    3. Entry level positions represented by the A-1 Bargaining Unit will be posted for five (5) calendar days unless an emergency requires a lesser period of time.  

      Collective Bargaining Agreement Exceptions:  A-1 Bargaining Unit vacant positions to be filled within the seniority unit will be posted concurrently for five (5) calendar days for employees requesting a lateral transfer to the vacant entry level position. 
    4. Promotional Bids represented by the A-1 Bargaining Unit will be posted for fifteen (15) calendar days unless an emergency requires a lesser period of time. Requests for a lateral transfer shall be posted concurrently for a five-day period.  Transfer Requests shall be submitted in writing to the Office of Human Resources, G-8 Sutton Hall, stating the reason for the request for transfer.  It is Management's sole discretion to agree to the transfer.
    5. The categories of bidders shall be listed on the posting in order of their preference according to the collective bargaining agreement.  Specifically, lateral transfers will be reviewed and considered before bidders; full-time regular employees in the classification immediately below the vacant position will be reviewed for promotion; part-time regular employees in same classification requesting full-time status will be reviewed next; then full-time temporary employees in the same classification bidding for regular status will be considered.

      If no bids are received from eligible employees, then outside applicants will be considered at that time.
    6. When more than one vacant position is posted, an employee interested in more than one Position will submit a request for transfer or bid for each position.
    7. Bids shall be submitted in accordance with master agreement seniority as set forth in the Master Agreement, Article 29, Section 1. b. and c.
    8. Vacancies posted as described in Article 29, Section 4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement shall be eliminated and are superseded by this Agreement.

    This agreement beginning July 1, 2011 and continuing through June 30, 2015, may be renegotiated prior to the time of its expiration upon thirty (30) days notice by either party.


    ________________________________________  _________________
    Helen M. Kennedy                                               Date
    Associate Vice President for Human Resources, IUP


    ________________________________________  _________________           
    Cornelius Wooten                                                Date
    Vice President for Administration and Finance, IUP


    ________________________________________  _________________           
    Cynthia Spielman, President                                   Date
    AFSCME, Local 763


    ________________________________________  _________________           
    Terry Skultety, Staff Representative                         Date
    AFSCME Council 83