Procedure for Volunteer Service

    1. When a volunteer is identified, the university representative will inform the prospective volunteer that a background investigation is required. The university representative will be responsible for distributing the consent form to him/her.
    2. The university representative will complete the Volunteer Service Information Form* and forward the form to the academic dean or director for signature. If approved by the academic dean or director, the form is then forwarded to the divisional vice president for final approval. A copy of the approved form will be sent to the Office of Human Resources by the vice president’s office.
    3. The prospective volunteer will complete the background investigation consent form and send it directly to the Office of Human Resources.
    4. The Office of Human Resources will run the background investigation if and when the approved Volunteer Service Information Form* is received in the Office of Human Resources with all appropriate signatures.
    5. The Office of Human Resources will notify the divisional vice president upon completion of the background investigation, and the vice president will send the volunteer appointment letter to the new volunteer.

    *Volunteer service must not be longer than one year.  If an extension is necessary, a new form must be completed.