Annuitant Rehire Form

  • For additional information, please see the Annuitant Hiring Policy.

    1. The department chair/supervisor must discuss their request to hire an annuitant with their respective dean/director. A completed Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Request for Annuitant Re-hire Form should be submitted at that time to the dean/director. This form is available on the Web or by contacting the faculty/administrative employment manager in the Office of Human Resources at extension 7-2431.
    2. The dean/director will submit the completed form and discuss the recommendation for approval with their respective vice president, who will request approval from the president.
    3. The vice president must obtain approval in writing from the president. An e-mail message will be accepted as written approval.
    4. When the vice president receives the written approval of the president, he/she will forward it to the dean/director and department chair/supervisor.
    5. The completed Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Request for SSHE Annuitant Re-hire Form and the president’s written approval (e-mail) may be forwarded either electronically or hard copy to the faculty/administrative employment manager, G-8 John Sutton Hall. The completed form will be mailed to the Chancellor’s Office in Harrisburg for approval. The annuitant cannot be placed on the payroll or begin work until approval is received from the Chancellor’s Office.
    6. The approval/denial decision from the director of System Personnel Services will be sent to the faculty/administrative employment manager. The president will be notified and will send a letter acknowledging the decision to the faculty member with a copy to the vice president, dean/director, and chairperson/supervisor.