Working Out Of Classification

  • Supervisors may request a "working out of class" status for an employee in their department. 

    An employee is "working out of class" when he/she is temporarily charged to perform duties of a higher rated position/classification within the same bargaining unit which are separate and distinct from the employee's own position/classification for a period set forth in the employee's bargaining unit.

    The higher rated position/classification may have been vacated due to illness, retirement, resignation, promotion or organizational changes.

    When requesting a temporary “working-out-of-classification” status for an employee, the Request for Working-Out-of-Classification form needs to be completed and sent to the Office of Human Resources. Signature approval of both the supervisor and vice-president are required.

    Each bargaining unit has specific rules concerning out-of-class assignment. If you have any questions on the specifics, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Human Resources or Ask HR.