Tuition Waiver Benefits

  • The Tuition Waiver program is designed to enable benefit eligible employees, their spouses/domestic partners, and/or their dependent children to enroll in credit-bearing courses at IUP tuition-free. Tuition waivers may also be applicable for courses taken at other State System universities and for the children of retirees. Eligibility for tuition waiver benefits varies depending on employee group. A Tuition Waiver Matrix has been created to summarize the benefits for each employee group.

    Directions for Using the Tuition Waiver Benefit for Active Faculty and Staff Members:

    Step 1: If currently an IUP student, register for courses through MyIUP using your IUP network account. If not currently enrolled as an IUP student, before registering for courses you must be admitted as an IUP student through either the Admissions Office, or, if enrolling as a nondegree student, through the Office of Continuing Education.

    Step 2: Using a computer that is on the IUP network, or, if off campus, a computer that is connected to the IUP VPN, access the appropriate online tuition waiver application and save the blank form to a secure location on your computer:

    Step 3: From the secure location on your computer, open the document, complete the required fields, and save the completed application again. If any of the required fields are left blank, your tuition waiver application will be rejected as the above information is needed to process the waiver.

    Step 4: Log onto the iforms page using your IUP username and password and click “Upload Your Documents” on the iforms menu.

    Step 5: Click on the Browse button to select your saved tuition waiver application, and then click the Upload button to submit your application.

    Step 6: After you have submitted your application, you can check the status of your tuition waiver application by viewing your Dashboard on the iforms page.  

    Tuition Waiver Application for Courses at Other State System Universities

    Other Tuition Benefit Programs

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