Giving to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is the “Intellectual Heart” of the university, offering the majority of the required Liberal Studies courses taken by all undergraduate students. The college boasts seven master’s-level programs and two doctoral programs with national recognition.

    When you invest in IUP—whether you’re an alumnus or alumna, parent, community friend, foundation or corporate partner, faculty member, staff member, or student—everyone benefits. Interested? Take this opportunity to make a gift that will make a difference.

    Funds that support the college include:

    Fund Number 4459
    Humanities and Social Sciences General Fund

    This fund enhances and promotes activities in the college such as honoraria for visiting speakers, support for student study abroad experiences, and special program requests.

    Fund Number 4737
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s Innovation Fund

    This account helps fund innovative scholarship and professional development projects for students and faculty in the college.

    Fund Number 5312
    Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s Merit Scholarship

    This fund supports undergraduate and graduate student scholarships in the college.

    Fund Number 4777
    Humanities and Social Sciences Building Fund

    In 2015, a new, state-of-the-art Humanities and Social Sciences building opened its doors, featuring design elements for 21st-century education. New journalism labs, a regional planning studio, and a high-tech digital media room with high-definition projection and surround sound added new dimensions to the excellent instruction students in Humanities and Social Sciences have come to expect. Comfortable chairs and seminar rooms help make our classrooms a place where students wish they could linger to continue lively intellectual debate, and to which they are eager to return the next class session. This is truly an exciting time to be a part of our college’s growth.

    While the building’s construction was funded through Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services, private gifts are essential to fund the high-tech features that will transform the space even further to provide the thriving environment we need. Your support is critical to our efforts to provide the best, most updated facilities for teaching and learning.

    Because every student at IUP—future business executives, nurses, artists, and teachers—takes classes in the social sciences and humanities, your gift will impact literally thousands of students every year. There are numerous naming opportunities in the new building. If you are interested in a naming opportunity, please contact Chrystie Raymond, Development Officer for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Office of Development, at 724-357-2324.