Centers and Institutes of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Frederick Douglass

    The Frederick Douglass Institute for Intercultural Research

    An interdisciplinary, campuswide body that serves as a resource for information about equity and diversity at IUP and, through advocacy, seeks to support the growth, development, and success of students and faculty.

    MARTI logo

    Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute (MARTI)

    MARTI engages in research, training, and outreach related to veterans’ reintegration, family and mental health issues, alcohol and drug abuse treatment, and domestic violence intervention.


    IMAPS employees

    Institute for Mine Mapping, Archival Procedures, and Safety

    IMAPS develops knowledge and expertise in archiving, recording, and referencing historical coal mine maps. It also provides valuable applied internship and employment experiences to students, works with federal and state agencies, and advances methodologies in preserving and processing mine maps.

    Older man in Appalachia

    Center for Northern Appalachian Studies

    The Center for Northern Appalachian Studies provides a locus for the enhanced understanding and appreciation of the richness of our region’s diverse cultural heritage by creating educational outreach programs, developing historical archives, and facilitating community activities related to these goals.


    Dixon Training Room

    Research and Training Center

    ALS-RTC is an applied, interdisciplinary center that supports sponsored research, program evaluation, policy analysis, technology transfer, and training.

    Archaeological Services

    Archaeological Services

    Archaeological Services offers consultation, on-site surveys, evaluations, and full excavations of significant sites, with a focus on the Upper Ohio Valley.


    Film Studies

    Film Studies

    The Center for Film Studies is designed to develop opportunities for grant funding to support the study and production of film and media scholarship at IUP. The center works to organize events of academic cultural enrichment to our campus and region and increase Indiana’s and IUP’s attractiveness as a location for understanding film history and culture.

    DHC workshop

    Center for Digital Humanities and Culture (DHC)

    The DHC supports scholarship, proof-of-concept explorations, and project applications of digital technologies in humanistic inquiry. It aims to facilitate conversation, collaboration, and resource sharing in order to make connections between new technologies and traditional knowledge areas.