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Chrispell and Donley using XSEDE resourcesThe Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment, or XSEDE, is a single global virtual system funded by the National Science Foundation that scientists use to interactively share computing resources, data, and expertise.

IUP faculty and students have free access to a wide range of high performance and high throughput computing resources through the XSEDE Campus Champions Program.

IUP XSEDE Campus Champion

John Chrispell
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
217 Stright, Indiana, PA 15705

To Get Started Using XSEDE Supercomputers:

  1. Faculty/students should contact John Chrispell to request to be part of the IUP Campus Champion allocation. Students, you'll need to have an IUP faculty sponsor.
  2. Create an XSEDE user portal account.  

XSEDE Machines Available:

IUP has been awarded from 30,000 to 200,000 service units (a unit is approximately 1 hour) on the following machines:

Interested faculty may request time on other XSEDE resources as well.